Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blog #1

Question 1.
* It expands students learning and it gives new ways to learn. It also teaches us new ways to use our technology. Since there is always new technology coming out, it gives us more tools and it helps us learn more and get more information on the things we need to look at. Its also i fun way to learn and interact with students. Students can also teach the teacher sometimes on new technology since the younger generation seems to go for the newer things and we like old school things. So its a great way to learn new things you never thought you can learn with students.

Tech tool 1.2 #2. " 7 things you should know about..."
These rules are very true and right on the things you need to know before you start working on something new that you have never experienced before. You want to get some backround information before you get to the subject.

Technology is very helpful. It gives us new meanings about life and how everything works. As we see all the technology advancing we witness for ourselfs how the world is evolving. It is great to have all these new devices but at the same time it can be difficult for teachers or for people who dont know to much about it. Thats why its good to let your self be taught at times and never think you know everything.